10 Things NOT to do on a Date | The Student Pocket Guide
by Hardeep Kaur

Dating is a mystifying game. Reading into the subtle signs, signals and body language is often all we have to go on, which can leaves us wondering whether or not our date is actually interested. In a situation where first impressions mean everything and conversation is the game winner, it’s important that you get the basics right. So, here we have provided you with 10 things NOT to do on a date. Good luck!

10. Underdress

How many times have you heard, “I had a really nice date, but he/she was way overdressed”..? Probably never. You don’t want to turn up for a date in your favourite tracksuit because you wanted to appear casual. Plan a suitable outfit beforehand that you feel comfortable in, whilst making sure it’s not too informal or revealing.

9. Disrespect other people

The waitress may have given you attitude, and your food may have turned up late, but keep your cool as you don’t want to come across as rude or obnoxious. Make sure you remain polite, friendly and courteous; nobody likes a snooty-pants! Offensive jokes are certainly best avoided.

8. Talk about money

Money makes the world go round, but save the cash talk for your bank branch. It’s off-putting when you hear someone complain about how expensive a certain item on the menu is or how much it will cost to go bowling. Play it cool.

7. Eat anything too messy

It happens to the best of us, a small spill here or a bit of chicken there, it’s not a good look. Remember to chose wisely and it might be an idea to steer clear of anything too herby or garlicky. Top tip – bring a toothpick if you’re eating out!

6. Talk about drama

“And then she said, and he said, and then she said, and then I said”. All this translates for your date is that you are DRAMA! Don’t waste your time talking about how your best friend ditched you five years ago, because as well as potentially making you look like a headache, it is also unattractive for a lot of people.

5. Ask too many questions

You will probably have a few killer questions you want to get out of the way, but avoid asking too many consecutively. Instead, spread them out so it doesn’t feel like an interrogation – this will help keep the conversation flowing and remain natural.

4. Lie

Just don’t do it! You’ve got the opportunity to start a new bond; don’t ruin it by pretending that you work for the CIA or played for a Premier League football club back in the day. A lie has to be covered by another lie, and you will get found out!

3. Bring up a controversial debate

We all have our opinions on certain things, but dates are probably not the right place to bring them up, especially if they divide opinion. So, whether or not you feel strongly about Zayn Malik becoming the next prime minister, save the debates for later down the line.

2. Display your bad manners

Make an effort to show good manners, especially at the table. My sociology teacher always said to me the person you date is a person you could potentially eat with for the rest of your life, so ensure you make a good impression.

1. Talk about your ex

You knew it was coming, the ultimate no-no! Picture this, you’re at the cinema, tucking into your nachos and ice-blast, the movie is about to start and your date leans in and tells you that the last time they came here was with their ex.  Fair enough one day you will probably want to discuss the past, but for now, let the past be just that. You don’t want to come across bitter and confused, and you definitely don’t want to make your date feel uncomfortable. Avoid taking trips down memory lane if they involve your ex.