Tips and Tricks for Beautiful Winter Hair with Daniel Johnson
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We caught up with celebrity hair stylist Daniel Johnson who has provided you our readers with top tips on how to keep silky, healthy and beautifully coiffured hair this winter! To give you an idea, Daniel’s celebrity clients include: Rio Ferdinand, Theo Walcott, Mario Balotelli, Gareth Bale, N Dubz, Mike Posner, Charlie Brown and The Risk to name but a few. Even the Royal Family of Dubai are fans! Over to you Daniel…

1. Prevention is better than cure. The last thing you need is damaged hair. It’s a lot easier to protect, condition and maintain healthy hair than it is to try to rectify damage caused by mistreatment and harsh winter weather. Protect your hair by following my top 10 tips.

2. Wash your hair every other day. I know that most people like to wash their hair every day as it ‘makes them feel fresh and clean’. However, washing hair every other day won’t make it dirty. It will actually make it much healthier as it gives your hair the chance to replace its natural oils. These oils are your hairs biggest and most effective source of protection and are essential for maintaining healthy, strong hair and for avoiding split ends.

Top tip: Use this to experiment with new hairstyles. Your hair down might not look as great as when it’s been newly blow-dried and styled, however there are lots of hairstyles that work much better the next day when your hair has started to release some of the oils.

3. Get a new haircut. Trimming your hair regularly will help to strengthen your hair and reduce the chance of breakages. It’s important to take a pride in your hair as even the simplest haircut can boost your confidence ten-fold. If you look good, you’ll feel good and this will encourage you to invest more time into looking after your hair rather than just scraping it back. All of these things will help to improve its condition.

4. Chose a ‘hair-friendly’ brush or comb. All brushes are different, and some are more gentler on your hair than others. Choose one that works with your hair type, not just one that is ‘on-trend’ or that your friends are buying.

Combs tend to be gentler on your hair so I recommend using one instead of a brush.

5. Avoid brushing your hair while it is still wet. When your hair is wet, it’s at its most vulnerable. It becomes more ‘elastic’ and pliable so brushing it now can over stretch the hair and cause it to break or split. Wait until it’s nearly dry before brushing.

6. I recommend regularly treating yourself to a good hair conditioning treatment. This is especially important for women as their hair tends to be longer than men’s so can be prone to braking, splitting and drying out. Keeping your hair nourished will protect it from the weather conditions, blow drying etc. and will keep it looking healthy, glossy and nourished.

7. To minimise hair damage, try to only wash your hair when needed. You should ALWAYS use a good shampoo and conditioner too. No half stepping!

8. One tip that you might not know is that a good diet is the ultimate tool for achieving that banging hair… Eat fruits, veg, nuts, oily fish (such as salmon), spinach, and let’s not forget, if you want to see big improvements to your hair, drink lots of water.

9. Don’t be afraid to try colouring your hair. In the winter, your hair can be damaged due to the harsh weather conditions. A tip is to experiment with darker colour tones on your hair during the winter as they are much more forgiving to damaged hair than blonde colours. This is because damaged hair shows up a lot more on lighter tones like blonde. For a fab winter look, why not experiment with some chocolate browns. Reddy tones are great too.

10. Don’t forget about the rest of your hair. There’s no point spending time getting gorgeous, healthy looking hair on your head if you’re going to forget about the rest of your hair. Eyebrows, ears, noses and any other hair you can think of… they all count so make sure it’s well groomed.

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