7 Things not to do at a Christmas Party | The Student Pocket Guide

We all know Christmas parties are great fun. They’re a time to drink and be merry but there are some things you really shouldn’t do whilst enjoying the festive celebrations…


Dress to impress not to get hypothermia

Although the skimpy Mrs Claus outfit you have prepared seems like a good idea, remember, it’s likely to be sub-zero temperatures outside. So, wearing a coat and comfortable shoes which get you safely over the ice is definitely recommended. Festive onesies are perfect winter wear, they will keep you warm and get you noticed for your totally radical sense of dress. However, if you do happen to be attending a party somewhere classy… your favourite animal PJs are probably a no go.

Don’t get too plastered

Although mixing eggnog and cider may initially seem like a good idea, the Christmas turkey will look a lot less appetising in the morning. You’ll also cringe to learn that the night before, in your inebriated state, you “relieved” yourself on the Christmas tree.

Don’t walk around holding mistletoe above your head

The runny nose and Christmas jumper is off putting as it is!

Don’t eat all the free food

Although you’re a student and may be pretty skint, the sausage rolls are for everyone. Piling up your plate with pasties makes you look like Desperate Dan, it’s not a good look. Also, if a doggy bag isn’t offered, take that as a hint you shouldn’t fill your pockets with leftover sarnies.

Don’t dance on the table

If you haven’t followed the rule about not getting too plastered then you should definitely follow this one. Dancing on a table or any other object which is higher than the floor is bound to end in tears. Gravity is not your friend when you’re drunk!

Don’t over stay your welcome

If it’s been made clear the party you’re attending is an all night affair, then it’s probably safe to say you will be there till the early hours. Keep in mind though, however accommodating your hosts may be, if you’re still there when the Yorkshires are being passed around, you have probably over stayed your welcome.

Don’t forget about your mates

One final and very important rule… If you’re still standing by the end of the night but your mate’s in a state, look after them!