Lover’s Guide to Valentine’s Day | The Student Pocket Guide

So, you’re besotted, infatuated, but a card and a box of chocolates won’t quite cut the mustard. Why not give one of these truly romantic date ideas a try?

Carving Names into a Tree

Although this a little cheesy, it is bound to give you no end of brownie points in the romance department.

Can you remember one of the beautiful locations where you and your loved one spent time together (a late night takeaway is probably not the best choice)? Re-visit that place, find a tree and carve your names into the bark. Then, on Valentine’s day, take your parter there and show them the fruits of your work and wait for the romance to unfurl…


If you were planning to do this anyway… what better time than Valentine’s day? The student loan may not stretch that far, but a 20 pence ring from a vending machine will mean the same; it’s the thought that counts.

You could even hide it in a specially prepared Valentine’s prawn cocktail. Just make sure you don’t forget about it. It’s definitely frowned upon to asphyxiate your fianc√©.

Spend a Day in Bed

Pretty much says it on the tin, but for those that need some advice…

  • Buy pizza
  • Watch a film
  • Sleep


One of the more obscure options. But, if you suddenly grab your partner by the hand and start dancing like Antonio Banderas, you will be onto a winner.

Morris dancing, “dad at a wedding” and Gangnam Style won’t work nearly as well… you have been warned.


Why not? You can hardly dress up in camouflage and shoot highly pressured balls of paint at each other in a fancy¬†restaurant. Actually, maybe you could. Depends how adventurous you’re feeling.

Romantic Getaway

Plan a holiday. Everyone loves a bit of sun, sea and sand, as long as it’s not Bognor Regis (unless that’s your kind of thing).

If you’re a bit strapped for cash, don’t worry, there are many beautiful holidays you can take in the U.K. Brighton is renowned for it’s amazing coast, shops and clubs. London is also great for a city break. Why not take a trip to trendy Shoreditch or alternative Camden? However, if you and your partner sway slightly more towards the “darkside”, book a trip in advance to Whitby, and take part in the famous goth weekend which happens from the 25th to 27th April.