Pawnbrokers: A quick way to earn cash… | The Student Pocket Guide

There are a lot of times when we are in need of some fast cash. In these times of need, we often decide to sell things we own that are of some value to a pawnbrokers.

Pawnbrokers buy an item off you and then hold it until you are able to buy it back. If you cannot buy the item back, they can sell it on. They also tend to charge interest on your item, which you will have to pay once you go to buy your item back. You are signing a contract with the pawnbroker whereby they have a certain amount of time for you to buy back your items before they can sell them on. Albemarle Bond is one of the best pawnbrokers and jewellers around and offer this service to you. 

You may have seen the popular television programmes ‘Pawn Stars’ and ‘Storage Hunters.’ These programmes have had a large influence on the public as it makes it look like an easy, quick and a no fuss way of selling some of your items when you are in desperate need of some extra money.

Pawnbrokers are open to buying a lot of items. From jewellery to furniture and antiques, plus a lot more. The most common thing to sell is jewellery, or something that people think may be of some value. Oak furniture, old paintings and antiques such as old chairs or even old record players and records, are all things that can be often sold at a Pawnbrokers.

There has been some evidence of storage units containing a lot of money. A man from San Jose didn’t need a treasure map or a lucky leprechaun to help him find his pot of gold. He stumbled across $500,000 worth of gold and silver after he has bid on what he thought was an empty and abandoned storage unit. He was a man named John and he only paid (it’s said) $1,100 for his investment that turned into a goldmine for him. It shows that even now, there are some miraculous finds that some people are lucky enough to stumble upon. These storage units have become increasingly more popular due to television programmes such as Storage Wars – which has proven that by gaining an audience there is an increase in people bidding on storage units and also an increase in people selling valuable items in a pawnshop for some extra cash.

Why not go to car boot sales or charity shops? You can find some absolute gems for very little. You can then sell these on to a pawnbrokers. It’s a quick way to increase the profit of an item you may have picked up for a fraction of the price you are selling it for!