7 Texts that will make Her Weak at the Knees | The Student Pocket Guide
by Neela Kumar

There’s so much more to a relationship than the time spent together and dates, especially when you have busy lives. It’s great to keep in contact over phone or text, and trust me, us girls love being texted by our special other half! No girl wants a guy that uses an app like BroApp (an app that sends automated messages to your girlfriend when you’re busy being a ‘lad’) as it’s really tacky and impersonal. If you’re the kind of guy who wants to let your girl know how special you think she is and don’t mind displaying your emotions, here are 7 texts that will make her feel the butterflies…

“Hey Beautiful!”

Addressing her as beautiful or another personal nickname that she knows is unique and special. There is no greater compliment than being called beautiful in my opinion – it just says everything you want to in one word!

“Your hair smells sensational!”

Send compliments. Personal ones are great, we don’t need the cliché ‘your eyes are like diamonds’ stuff, but it’s nice if that special guy reassures us that they like the things we may be conscious about. If you don’t really know what your special someone wants to be told, then think of the things you love about them instead and let them know about it.

“I miss you.”

It’s always nice to find out that your guy is thinking of you or missing you. Usually you hear about girls being the soppy ones who spend ages ‘daydreaming’ about being with their significant other, but guys miss their girl too. Let her know – she’ll be bowled over with happiness!

“Are you feeling okay?”

Girls sometimes express very little in text and sometimes expect you to know their problems before they’ve told you (confusing, I know), so it’s great when you ask how we are. We may not always tell the truth, but it’s great to know that you’re thinking of our feelings and are actually interested.

“I really wish I could be there with you.”

As said in the point above, us girls may not always feel great, and sometimes we’ll want to vent and be sad. If you’re far away and don’t have much advice to give, then it’s lovely to know that you’d like to be with us to help. This simple text means a lot more to us than a simple sad face, and it’s great to use if you don’t really know what to say.

“Goodnight, sweet dreams!”

Even if the two of you aren’t texting at night time, it’s great to know that at the end of the day you’re thinking of us, so a goodnight text is something really special to receive. Keep this one in mind to make her feel really appreciated.

“I’ve never felt this way before…”

Don’t be afraid to seem a little vulnerable over texts – if your girl cares enough then she’ll appreciate the sentiment and like you even more for acting that way. Let her know your feelings, and sometimes if you have trouble saying things like that face to face, texting can be a good way to confess deeper emotions.

However, don’t limit yourself to just saying things by text. It’s always good to talk in person and see the person you care about smile at something you say, but these are guaranteed winners if you’re far away from one another and still want to be sentimental.