The Ultimate Revision Tools For Exams by Jane Zah

Revision is an intimidating little blighter and sometimes you can work your butt off and still feel like you’re not getting anywhere. So equip yourself with the best revision tools out there and smash those exams!

Get Your Groove On And Download Spotify! – Listening to music can sometimes be the only thing that gets you through a revision session, so ensuring you have a killer play list to get you through is a must! Create short play lists and take quick breaks every time one ends. Try different styles of music to what you normally listen to as it will be less distracting and be sure to keep the background noise to a minimum!

Revision App – There are so many awesome apps around these days and Revision App is one of them! You can use Revision App on the move and even offline! Plus they’ve got killer revision notes for any subject! You can now unlock awesome videos that will take your revision to the next level and improve your grade by 20%!

Colour coded pens – Using colour coded pens and highlighting certain parts of your revision will make them really stand out in your head when it comes to exam time.  Plus, your favourite pen brings out your best work doesn’t it? Failing this why not put post it notes around your room to help you remember specific facts and quotes!

Exam Countdown (App)  – This app will help you keep track of your upcoming exams, it also tells you how long you have left before your next exam so you can revise efficiently.

Be Prepared! (Plan Plan Plan!) – I can’t stress this enough, there’s no point tackling something as huge as revision or essay writing without a battle plan. You will just waste time deciding where to start. Make a list, starting with the most important tasks first.  If you need help you can find really good examples of essay plans online to help!

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock (App) – Getting your sleep is super important during exam time and this app will wake you up at your most rested. It will give you a bunch of facts and figures about your sleep pattern and even how deep you slumber! Cool or what?

DropBox – This is an awesome storage app and will let you store any document anywhere, this means you can pick up your documents on your iPhone, iPad or any computer! You get up to 2GB of storage, it’s free, and you can share your dropbox with anyone! So why not make a study group with your friends using dropbox to share your revision notes!

Grammar Up (App) – Making stupid grammatical mistakes can really drag your mark down in an exam so don’t let all your hard work go to waste! This easy to use app will let you brush up on your grammar wherever you go. That bus ride home just got exciting didn’t it?

Know When To Ask For Help – This is the BEST revision tool of all, too many of us sit there and suffer instead of asking for help, so be brave! If you need help just ask, trust us your friends, parents and teachers will be more than willing to help you.

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