From 6 second Vines, to a stand-up tour, to a song release on iTunes, Dapper Laughs is a multi-talented comedian making a huge impact, with some Vines receiving more than 100,000 likes on Facebook! Having just announced his second stand-up tour ‘Socially Unacceptable’, following on from his tour ‘Proper Moist’, Dapper is certainly someone to look out for. We caught up with the social media phenomenon despite his busy schedule to talk about his attraction to fruit, the lessons his dad taught him, and his new TV show coming later this year!

What are you up to? We’ve literally just finished putting all the Vines up and stuff for the promo for the tour coz my second tour went live this morning so everyone’s buying the tickets online for that. We did Snapchats, Vines, an Instagram and Facebook posts. So we’ve been up early doing all of that, making it look funny and trying to get people to buy the tickets. It’s called Socially Unacceptable and it kicks off in October. Yeah I noticed everyone on your most recent Vine queuing up for tickets! [Laughs] Yeah man it’s all good fun.

Can you talk us through a typical day in the life of Dapper? Depends what I’ve got on really. Normally I do a lot of club nights. Last night I went to two nightclubs so usually I have a bit of time off in the morning. But I do a lot of personal appearances at nightclubs, a bit of MCing on the mic and pictures and stuff like that. I’m doing a lot of writing at the moment for the tour so I’ll try and find somewhere good to do some writing. I’m usually just out and about trying to find funny things in public and trying to do a Vine.

I’ve read that you use your character to allow yourself to get away with things that you wouldn’t normally do… So you’re kinda using Dapper as a form of escapism? Escapism from what? Using the character to enter into a world that you wouldn’t have usually entered into… I’ll be honest with ya, Dapper Laughs is an extension of myself do ya know what I mean? The jokes, the things I come up with, they come from my mind. Dapper Laughs is a character, a character of comedy so we’re stereotyping a certain kind of thing. But yeah I guess you could say that – it does allow me to do things that I wouldn’t normally do and blame it on him. I’ve always been Dapper Laughs, it was just a matter of putting it into videos and stuff.

I’ve got to ask about the guy in your Vines with the long hair, who you often refer to as a woman. Who is he? [Laughs] He worked in the office next to me and he was just a new boy that turned up once and I just started picking on him, do ya know what I mean? I was being a bit out of order first of all and after a while he started getting recognised on the street and that, so he knew what it was about. So I said to him if you ever wanna give me a slap feel free and then the next time I done it he proper whacked me! It didn’t put you off targeting him though did it? Nah man I still got him, I think I said “easy tiger” or something like that, “easy darling”. It’s the same guy in the Vine with the parking isn’t it? Nah that’s a different fella. But I’m used to getting a slap so that’s no big deal.

Your Vines must often put you in a lot of difficult situations – Does Dapper Laughs have any limits? Nah not really. To be honest with ya, I’ve been getting into trouble since I was a kid. When someone gives me a slap now it doesn’t faze me. I think the worst that can happen is that I’m going to get a punch. It’s not really that bad and for the comedy, I love it. I’ve been knocked about a few times doing Vines. But I’ve never been slapped by a bird! So yeah I’ve had a couple of punches… I’ve always been the one with the big mouth. I done a Vine in Brixton a little while ago and there were four or five geezas standing there, they were like heavies and I was like “Hi is this the book club”? and one of ‘em chinned me. Like in pubs and that when I’m trying to do Vines at night. But you know what, it’s all part of the game. It makes it interesting.

What’s your personal favourite Vine? It’s a really simple one and it makes me die every time… When I say “it’s not always easy having a massive penis” and then I try and open the door and it bangs into the door, then I look down and I’m like “Oh for f**k sake”. It gets me every time.

How was your debut ‘Proper Moist’ tour in February and how is ‘Socially Unacceptable’ in October going to be different? It’s completely different! Proper Moist was all about sex. Pulling birds and you know… making ‘em moist. And ‘She knows’ and all that stuff that was orientated around the Vines I was doing back then. When ‘Socially Unacceptable’ is gonna be a little bit more in-depth. A little bit more based around the humour. More intelligent and a little bit more about the journey of being socially unacceptable. Pushing boundaries and the comedy associated with it. So it’s gonna step away from the misogynistic sexual side of things.

John asks on Facebook… What makes you moist? What makes me moist?… Proper peachy bums! Bums that look like boobs.

You promised your fans that if your song made it to the top 10 you would have a huge party with midgets, booze, naked people and invite 100 fans – Did this happen? We only got into number 15 in the UK charts. Oh I thought it went to number 7? Nah it went to 7 in the iTunes charts and only 15 in the UK charts – I still beat Beyonce and I’m hoping to do a little bit more with the music, and if I do I’m just gonna throw a party anyway.

What’s your best chat up line? “Alright girl, let’s have a go”. It works every time.

Ideal date? It’s just gotta be at the pub innit having a few beers. I never try and get too complicated. Normally I don’t even date I just Tweet.

Who’s better at pulling, you or your dad? My old man does know how to pull a bird, I’ll give him that! But there’s no way he’s had as many birds as I have. He’s handed down some tactics to his son… Yeah my old man taught me everything about birds. My old man taught me how to pull birds properly. He used to find it a hobby! When we’d go into the supermarket, he’d go “here watch this, I’ll make her laugh and get a bit of money off the shopping”. He’d do that everywhere. He was a legend and taught me quite a few actual techniques on how to bed birds that work. What’s your best technique? I always find that the naughtier you are and the cheekier you are when you’re speaking to birds the better. I always find I can pull a bird by talking about sex without actually talking about sex. And it would have to be within the first 2 minutes that you meet them and then they know, do ya know what I mean, then it’s just a matter of asking them back. Here’s my secret tips man [Laughs]. What’s your hit rate? Do ya know what, I don’t know. Because of all of this stuff now, I just say ok. I’m just like “yeah ok, you’ll do”.

Taryn on Facebook asked: Are you single? Yes man, constantly, always! There’s too much opportunity out there now. When I was on the tour I tried to sleep with as many birds as I could and I think we done 15 dates. Out of that, 8 of the dates I had threesomes. I’m just trying to give back to the fans.

If you could give our readers any one piece of advice, what would it be? Be confident and have fun in life. Be confident with everything that you do. Be confident with women, with your work, be over confident, love yourself. That’s from the heart that one.

It’s strange because much like you, I am now finding myself asking you questions that I would’ve usually refrained from asking… So with this in mind, let’s play a game of Would You Rather!… So would you rather… Be sexually attracted to fruit? Or have Wotsit dust permanently stuck to your fingers? Be sexually attracted to fruit. What fruit would you go for? Melon.

Would you rather your head was twice as big or half the size? Hahaha oh mate. Half the size! Hahaha a pea head. [Laughs] This is hilarious! Where did you get these questions from? Just a bit of Googling!

This one is from Grant on Facebook, he wants to know: Would you rather have a boiled egg as an eye or six inch nasal hairs you can’t cut? I’d have a boiled egg as an eye and wear an eye patch.

I think I should stop there. Finally what can we expect from Dapper in the future? My own TV show. That’s what we’re working towards mate, that’s what it’s all about. That’s what the Vines are about, that’s what the tours are about. When’s it coming out? We’re still working on a lot of stuff but we’re hoping for the end of the year or something like that. We’ve got the social media following now so we’ll take an audience with us that’s bigger than most TV shows get anyway.

That’s an amazing marketing plan! Yeah it’s all been planned out mate. Do ya know what I mean, it’s a huge tool. Social media is the way forward for everything. That’s what the single shows ya… We originally only did the single to prove a point, to get it in to the top 20. Without any money at all. No money was spent on marketing or promotion or anything, no record label.

Well fair play, I really appreciate you calling and I wish you the very best of luck. No worries man it’s been good fun!

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