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When the sun is shining there’s lots to do – We all know that. From BBQs, and garden parties, to fun trips out to the coast or theme-park. That feeling you get when you wake up and the sun is gleaming through your window and you want to call all of your friends and do something exciting.

However, the country is not always so nice to us, and we’re often faced with miserable looking grey skies, waiting to open up upon us, with little or no notice. But don’t despair, because here at The SPG we’ve compiled a list of things for you to do, when the chances of rain are as likely as Joey Essex saying Reem every 30 seconds.

1)   Go for a swim – This activity can be a great laugh with a group of mates, is possible on a small budget and you can make this last as little, or as long as you like. Make your own lunch so you don’t overspend and head on over to your local leisure centre. A perfect way to beat that dreaded hangover if you’ve been out on the razzle the night before – if you can manage to get out of bed that is!

2)   Table tennis/badminton – Two indoor sports for you to consider with a bunch of mates. Chip in and hire a court for an hour or so. Take turns to try and beat your housemates. Make it more fun by playing for washing up or cleaning duties!

3)   Come Dine At Mine – Head down to your closest supermarket and see if you can get any good deals on food/drink that might go out of date soon. Or better still, see what you’ve got left in your cupboards that needs using up. Set a theme for your dinner and invite a bunch of mates over. Let them score you for your efforts. Then carry the idea on when the next rainy day comes along at someone else’s place.

4)   Make a scrapbook – Uni days are considered to be up there with the best time of your life! So why not take the opportunity to print out any photographs you have – it will make a great memory in years to come!

Adventum UniAcco

5)   Cash in – Take all of your coppers and small silver coins to one of the change machines you sometimes see in supermarkets. They usually take a 10% cut of the amount you change. But it’s better than it sitting in your shoebox unused!

6)   eBay – Look everywhere… through your wardrobe, under your bed, in your shed, loft, and, if you have one, your car! Find all of those items you haven’t used in years and SELL SELL SELL! Pick a sensible time to list your items, or schedule them to start at a particular time. This will help your items sell for more money. Think logically – you wouldn’t be looking at eBay at 3am so chances are, if you item ends at that time it won’t sell!

7)   CV improvements – Whilst this idea sounds dull, if you really are struggling for things to do or simply cannot be bothered, then why not start collating info to help improve your CV. If you have a good CV, this will most certainly improve your chances of you getting that dream job. And after all, once you’re raking in the money, you won’t be deciding whether to go swimming, play badminton or make a scrapbook, you’ll be deciding which car you want to take out for a spin!

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