Are you a student with a business idea that you would love to pursue but the idea of setting up a business just seems too out of reach? A new program in the heart of Bristol has supported 9 Bristol based students to make their business concepts a reality with the help of funding. Webstart Bristol provides funding, office space in ‘The Engine Shed Bristol’, a beautiful creative space and provides mentoring from experts from all fields of business.

Huskr is a great example of what can be achieved on this program. They entered into the program with an idea alone and with the help of Webstart Bristol have developed a stunning site that has already started to make money. Huskr is an independent brand discovery platform that provides great discounts on innovative independent brands for students to find original products none of their peers will own.

Huskr launched on Friday the 13th, a risky move, but they’ve not had any bad luck getting great brands hosted on their site so far. They have Aiaiai headphones, beautiful handmade wood sunglasses by Canopy, Streetwear, lots of awesome sweets and more.

If you’re a student looking to create your own business visit Webstart Bristol to make it happen and look at to see what you can get out of the program.

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