Things To Do Before University Ends by Neela Kumar

The greatest years of your life are about to end and other than books, kitchen stuff and fancy dress costumes you’ll probably never use again, you’ve probably collected loads of memories and great friends. If you feel like you haven’t made the most of your last few years or haven’t completed your ‘bucket list,’ there are some things you need to do before you head home.

Go to your summer/graduation ball.
If you’re not the ‘party animal’ type, then chances are you may not have been out very much, but this is the event of your University life and you don’t want to miss it. You’ll catch up with old friends, have fun with your new ones, get dressed up and enjoy different music, rides and experiences that you won’t get in adult life. Get a group of people together to all go and have a good time because it’s always good to see those people outside of the course or your house and just having fun!

See the people you haven’t seen since first year!
If you were in halls for your first year, but lost touch with people you lived with, now is the time to meet up for that ‘coffee’ you’ve never gotten round to drinking with them. Catch up, discuss how the experience of University has been for you, and reminisce over first year when things were simpler. Friendship groups can change so much, but if there are people you know you’ll miss in the future, you may never see them again after University so make the effort and send them a message to catch up.

Do things with your course mates and the people you live with now.
It may tedious sometimes seeing those same people day in and day out, but you’ll really miss them once you leave. It’s the last time your course will all be together, so go to events that have been organised and see those acquaintances you always got along with who you’ll remember in the future. Also, though it may have been stressful living with your housemates, a calm relaxing meal or activity away from the living environment could pull you all back together and de-stress you all before the big clean up!

Explore your town and campus.
Even if you have been living away from home, sometimes it’s easy to just do the same thing all the time and visit familiar places leaving most of the town and campus undiscovered. Now is the chance for you to have a look around and see what you’ve missed and you never know what you could find – maybe a nice secret garden or an interesting campus museum! Go into your town and visit the shops, but also be a tourist and look at the famous attractions that it has to offer. You’ll wonder why you left it so late to see them, but at least you did it eventually!

Do something you’ve always wanted to do.
If there’s a place you want to eat in that you never went to, or a club you never got to dance in, go! If there’s an activity or a society that you wanted to take up and join then take part. If you’ve been worried about asking someone out, then what’s the worst that could happen, it’s unlikely you’ll ever see them again if they say no and at least you took a risk. If they say yes, then that’s even better! University is the time for new experiences and you’ll never get to do them again afterwards. It could be a chance to find a new hobby or interest and with all the free time on your hands after exams, it’s the perfect opportunity to take some chances.

Organise to meet up with your friends over summer.
Summer is going to seem like a really long time, especially now you have to start looking for jobs, You’ll miss the people you spent all that time with, so make sure you keep in touch and organise meet ups. You’ll all start to get busy very soon after, so if you can afford it, a holiday could be fun or even meet ups in between where you live could work as well. These are the friends you’ll keep for a lifetime, so don’t lose those relationships due to lack of planning and distance. Who knows? You might even ask them to your wedding!

Take photos!
Memories can fade, so the most important thing to do to keep them fresh is take lots of photos of your campus, the town and the people you spent all this time with. Someday, when you’re older and looking back, you’ll be able to remember what a wonderful time it was for you.
So take as many pictures as you can, because soon it’ll be over. However, at least you’ll know you’ve done everything you wanted to do and can leave University with the knowledge that the best years of your life will remain with you forever and that you’re ready to start a brand new chapter of your life. Excited?

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