How To Make Your Money Last Over Summer by Hardeep Kaur

Summer is here and uni is over! Every week is a different festival or shin-dig and all you have left to keep you going is your last student loan (good luck). With all this spare time it’s hard to not keep spending, if you’re the kind of person who spends all the cheddar on one crazy weekend – here are some money saving tips to try and make your money last longer.


  • Ration – It’s never too late to try and ration your loans to stop yourself taking money out unnecessarily. Try to divide your money up into separate accounts so that you don’t get tempted to overspend.
  • Ditch the plastic – Stop yourself getting absorbed into all of the summer sales by leaving your debit card at home. Instead you can withdraw cash before you head out and you will have no choice but to budget and spend wisely.
  • Keep track of your spending – note down what you spend so you know exactly where your money is going, online banking helps you to keep a close eye on things too.
  • Try hostelling – You can still travel and go on holiday over summer but this doesn’t mean it has to be in an expensive hotel. Check out for a wide range of cheap hostels all over the world.
  • Say goodbye to the gym – If you want to work out but want to avoid gym fees then don’t worry. Use the internet to your advantage and find a massive selection of work out videos to suit you, all it takes is a simple Google search. Also check out for great gym freebies!
  • Choose wisely – Choosing the right bank account will help you save money. It can get confusing with so many being available but it’s important that you make the time to find one which is best for you.  Check out a wide range of banks to make sure you are getting the best deal as some have better student offers than others.
  • Be realistic – Sometimes it’s just hard to control you’re spending, especially when it comes to phone bills and nights out. Before you spend your money on a new pair of trainers ask yourself if you’re getting the best value for your money and whether you really need to be spending at all.
  • Look for a job – what’s the best way of making sure you don’t run out of money? Try to get some money coming in. After a stressful year all you want to do is chill and enjoy the summer – but employers know this and do offer casual jobs in bars and restaurants over the summer period. Be persistent and be willing to work anywhere! (Even if it is at your university).
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