DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas by Hardeep Kaur

It’s coming to the end of the academic year and you’re scraping together the remainder of your student loan. Father’s Day is coming up and you’re down on the mula, but instead of forking out for a flashy gift, you can try and whip up something thoughtful and creative. It might feel a little bit like you’re back in primary school, but here are some cool things you can make for your dad (that he will actually like) this father’s day.

Secret book safe – This is perfect if your dad is a bit of a nerd, you also don’t really need any skills to put it together. All you will need is an unwanted book (definitely not your dad’s favourite), a box cutter, some glue and a brush.

Necktie – Spend some time picking out the best fabric to suit your dad’s personality and wardrobe, there are hundreds of different patterns to choose from at your local market or craft shop to personalise your Father’s Day gift. Additionally you will need to find a tie pattern online which can be found for free as well as scissors, interfacing, a needle and thread. Get ready to brush up on your sewing skills!

Personalised mug – Creating your dad’s new favourite mug couldn’t get any simpler, local printer’s specialise in printing pictures onto plain items. You could get extra creative by adding your own message with porcelain painter pens.

Keyboard Message – If you’re feeling deep you can recycle old keys from a keyboard (or scrabble letters) to whip up a meaningful Father’s Day gift for your dad – song lyrics can also work well. All you need for this is some old keys, a frame, spray paint, glue and a pen.

Envelope Laptop/ Tablet case – This is a cheap alternative for splashing out on expensive cases to protect your dad’s gadgets. You can create this project for mega cheap by using a bubble mailer envelope (which will protect the device) and then pick a suitable fabric to cover the outside. You will also need fabric glue, buttons (to create a cool fastening) and a needle and thread.

Comic book coasters – These are really simple to make. You will need some comics (or other printed images) outdoor mod podge (to seal in the ink from printed images and stop ink from running), glue and old coasters.

Hamper of favourite things – If you’re not too crafty but still want to create a thoughtful gift, you can put together a hamper of your dads’ favourite things; coffee, beer, sweets etc. You can reuse old beer boxes or get creative by adding on pictures and messages.

These are some of our favourite gifts for Father’s Day, but what are some of yours?

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