Father’s Day Gift Ideas by Hardeep Kaur

It’s that time of year where every shop you go into reminds you that it is soon to be Father’s day. You might think it’s a load of corporate kack – but the pressure is on, you need to find something thoughtful and outshine your siblings, but if you’re low on funds then bring them into the equation (if you have any). Here are some gift ideas which won’t fail to impress!

(1)    Dads just love adding random condiments to everything especially chilli sauce, why not take it to the next level and challenge your dad to try some extreme chilli sauce. Scorchio.co.uk specialise in everything chilli, including candy and drinks – but if you’re looking for the deadliest hot sauce try ‘Grim Reaper Doomsday Extract’ said to be 400 times hotter than Tabasco sauce for £8.99.

(2)    Sometimes dads spend so long in the toilet (having a poo) don’t they get bored? What is there to do for that long? Let me introduce you to the constipation companion (it’s a book by the way) 52 things to do while you poo, keeping your dad occupied whilst he does his business, find your dads new best friend for £6.95 on red5.co.uk.

(3)    Is your dad obsessed with football? He might like the latest shirt from his favourite club, if he loves going to matches a season ticket isn’t a bad idea either – the price varies depending on the club.

(4)    With cheap tablets on sale, there’s no reason why you can’t (finally) introduce your dad to the world of technology. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is £102.95 and with 8GB memory and 14 hours battery life and is perfect for reading, gaming, watching films and browsing the internet.
(5)    Want to update your dads tie game without breaking the bank? Next are offering an absolute bargain with this navy spotted tie with a tie clip for only £10.

(6)    Looking to treat your dad to an experience he will never forget? You could opt for an ‘experience’ gift, segway rallying for two (plus a photo)  is available for just £59 from buyagift.co.uk, but if you’re looking for something a bit more out of this world indoor skydives are also available for £50.

(7)    Buying a bottle of your dad’s favourite alcoholic beverage will always be a winner; you could introduce him to some new flavours this father’s day by buying a hamper of different beers from another country. Bestofbritishbeers.co.uk offers an exclusive range of beers from American Craft Breweries for £34.50. Or take him to the pub!

(8)    If you find yourself wondering why your dad keeps carrying around that crusty old wallet, River Island has some simple and stylish options including a nice brown and herringbone wallet for £15.

(9)    Watches are a staple accessory, if you’re looking for a watch with a unique edge, twistedtime.com specialise in funky watches with unusual and cool designs like the 2089 series HYGGE watch for £85.
(10)    If your dad is a bit of an explorer you could consider buying him personalised vintage map cuff links. Notonthehighstreet.com are the perfect way of showing his fun side (if he has one) – best of all they are only £22 and each cuff link can have a different location.

(11)    You absolutely cannot go wrong with socks, everybody needs them! And luckily for you Asda are currently offering a 5 pack of Super Dad Novelty Socks for the sale price of £3.00.

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