Our Top Instagram Accounts by Sophie Polak

Instagram is a great place to gain inspiration for all areas of life. Failing that it is also a great place to nose on your favourite celebs in real time. So in celebration of our favourite photo sharing app we have compiled a list of our top Instagram accounts.

For Food: So Instagram is notorious for the food selfie, so it is pretty fitting that one of our favourite foody accounts ‘Sonya Yu’ describes herself as a ‘professional food pornographer’. Guaranteed to give you meal inspiration which is not beans on toast.

For Fitness: Summer is here and it’s not too late to start on the oh so cliché ‘beach bod’. Our favourite ‘Fitstagram’ is ‘Fitness Page For All’, they don’t just feature beautiful physiques to make you cry into your McDonalds. It is actually helpful, with healthy recipe ideas, inspirational quotes as well as handy 30 second videos you can watch at the gym. Failing that the ‘Gym Fails’ account says it all really.

Fashion and style on Instagram is a huge thing. Every brand has one, there are street style photographers and bloggers documenting their outfits every day. So it has been very hard to narrow down the choices, but here they are…

Men’s Style: ‘Outfit Grid’ is our favourite men’s style account because by using  #Outfitgrid you can take part too. It is full of fresh casual outfit ideas which are compiled by regular people to give great fashion inspiration.

Women’s Style: Here are a few of our favourite bloggers both established and up and coming that you really should follow: Gh0stparties, Tiny Twisst and Tanya Burr. They are just regular people wearing affordable high street style that everyone can emulate, usually with a bit of beauty and food thrown in too, always a bonus.

For cute animals: ‘Biddy The Hedgehog’ is an African Pygmy Hedgehog who is not content with being cooped up in a cage. He is out there in the great outdoors and er, on the beach? With his 429 thousand followers keeping up with his every move.

If small bouncy bunnies are your thing then ‘Bunny Mama’ is the account for you. Dedicated to Eddy and Rambo bunny (unfortunately we lost Rambo last year) and with two new editions Olive & Marbee, these house rabbits are documented by their adoring mama. She also gives really handy tips in looking after rabbits as they are actually very difficult pets to have.

For Travel: If Biddy The Hedgehog hadn’t released the explorer in you then ‘Earth Pix’ is sure to inspire your next adventure, or it will give you amazing photographs to drool over and get slightly depressed about in your lunch break.

Finally our favourite account has got to be our very own Instagram account ‘The SPG’, we will be giving you live insights into Glastonbury as well as our competitions and general random funny things so make sure you follow!

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