The Best 90s Films by Georgina Rowe

Now, we all love a good 90s film. But there are so many to choose from! And when it comes to the best 90s films, well everyone always has a different opinion!

To make your life easier, here at The Student Pocket Guide we’ve put together a list of the very best 90s films, so you can cut down on the ‘what do I watch?’ time and get down to watching a film.

  1. What can you say about Forrest Gump? Well, it’s considered to be one of the best films of all time by some people, so there’s that. It’s also outstandingly acted by Tom Hanks, who only seems to get better with every acting job he takes.
  2. Clueless is just one of those films that you have to watch at some point in your lifetime – whether you’re female or not. The story of Jane Austen’s Emma is perfectly retold, and whilst the producers were at it they made it a completely hilarious satire of 90s culture.
  3. The film Hook is what happens if you decide to tell the story of what happened to Peter Pan after he grew up and then cast Robin Williams. And by that I mean pure genius. It’s a great family film as it doesn’t dumb down the story for younger viewers, has plenty of slapstick elements but also conveys realistic themes dealing with emotion.
  4. The first of two sports films in this list, The Mighty Ducks tells the story of a drunk-driver lawyer whose community service is to coach a junior hockey team. Whilst the film has been slated by critics, it performed extremely well at the box office, and many people consider it to be a hidden gem.
  5. It may not have started as a particularly big film, but The Addams Family has grown into a cult craze, especially the truly charismatic Wednesday Addams. Possibly one of the most quotable characters in all of history, Wednesday continues to haunt Tumblr and twitter with memes of her marvellous quotes.
  6. The crudely funny American Pie is about 4 boys who pledge to lose their virginity by prom night. It’s essentially a coming of age story, and although it’s very vulgar it also has some sweet moments.
  7. 10 Things I Hate About You is another retelling to have been created in the 90s, as it vaguely tells the story of Shakespeare’s ‘The Taming of the Shrew’. However the charismatic cast and great modern storyline manage to update it completely and you almost wouldn’t recognise it. Starring Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles, this is a film you must watch, if only for Ledger’s ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’ performance.
  8. Varsity Blues is the second of the sports films in this list, but it is most definitely a different breed of film. Depicting an older team, it tells the story of James Van Der Beek’s Mox who becomes quarterback after the original player is injured. He learns that with power there are many benefits, but he also learns that there’s more to life than football.
  9. Tim Burton’s movie masterpiece Edward Scissorhands starred Johnny Depp as the title character and with a supporting cast including Winona Ryder and Dianne Wiest. The film is regarded as (in the words of ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine) “pure magic”, and its dark nostalgia and innocence is beloved by many.
  10. Finally, Empire Records finishes this list. Probably one of the lesser known 90s classics, this film depicts the struggles of a failing record store and the delinquent teenagers who staff it. You may recognise some of the stars of this film, so keep IMDb on standby!
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