Professor Green ‘Not Your Man’ by Sophie Polak

Professor Green is back, we haven’t heard much from him since his album ‘At Your Convenience’ was released back in 2011. It is widely known that he has had a chaotic past year in his private life and the title of his newest album ‘Growing Up In Public’ definitely reflects this.

He may have been off the music scene for a little while but Professor Green has not lost his trademark rap banter with ‘Not Your Man’ referencing a certain Dappy’s manhood. This track is a hidden love song with traces of lyrical bitterness at how materialistic love can be: “I gave you everything that you ever wanted and what did I get in return for it? Louboutin, Louis Vuitton, your shoes cost more than I used to earn in a month back when I used to sleep on a futon”.

Professor Green has a history of working alongside many other artists from Lily Allen to Emeli Sandé and the soulful sound of his latest vocalist Thabo really gives another dimension to the single.

‘Not Your Man’ is available now. It is the first single from the album ‘Growing Up In Public’ which is due for release on September 22nd2014.
Listen here.

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