Nike Vending Machine by Sophie Polak

Fitness is a bandwagon that everyone jumps on over the summer. Guys and Girls want that beach bod ready for their holiday and the theme that is running (haha) through the fitness world is that it is better to be healthy rather than focus on being skinny or well built.

Nike is the God of fitness brands, not only does it have great workout gear it has also mastered the balance of being cool to wear in everyday life. They are channeling their cool vibe by unveiling a vending machine in New York that only accepts Nike Fuel as payment.

Nike Fuel is a virtual points system that you can earn through doing physical activity. It is a step up from the reward of a chocolate biscuit after an hour jog. By wearing your Nike Fuel wristband and doing exercise you have the potential to earn shirts, hats, socks and other equipment.

Currently this is a novelty advertising idea from Nike and is not expected to be rolled out anywhere else. It is a great way to get people moving and not being rewarded with unhealthy food which can hinder any progress.

(Image: Nike NYC)

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