Festival Fashion, Best Dressed by Sophie Polak

When you think Festivals you think rain, mud, smelly toilets and amazing music. Yes, all the above are very relevant but so is the festival fashion. Now we are all used to the very practical guides of festi-fashion but festivals are a place where you can really experiment and be a bit daring because anything goes. Now I know this personally because I found it completely necessary to buy a Navajo inspired feather headdress (for £15 I might add) that I will most probably never ever wear again!

So let us take a look who really nailed festival outfits past and present and hopefully it will give you some inspiration for any festivals you might be going to later on in the summer!

Patricia Bright– Being a fashion blogger of course she is going to look amazing all the time! How does she manage to really pull off a simple black body & denim shorts look? It’s simple and effective and doesn’t take up a lot of room in your backpack! Obviously the staple festi-wellie, Hunter’s, are not to be forgotten here, definitely look like they were needed.

Millie Mackintosh– Black is a wise festival colour because it’s not going to show up the mud. Leather shorts are also a practical choice as they can be surprisingly warmer that denim shorts. This outfit is about the accessories that Lulu Guinness lips bag is probably a little bit expensive for us to take to a festival in case we lost it, but you get the idea.

Alexa Chung– A cute little play suit that still looks cool even if it isn’t ironed is a festival must. It can be scrunched up among the beers and it’s nothing to worry about. If there is a downpour and gets wet it is light enough so that it will dry quickly and you won’t feel soggy! Making sure you have a jumper wrapped around your waist is a great idea, it means you can party into the night without having to traipse back to the tent.

Caroline Flack– A prime example where you can mix up and experiment with what you wear at a festival. A sensible, but on trend, hat will keep the sun off you and an animal print coat mixes up a relatively simple outfit. Hopefully you will stand out so you can spot yourself when your trawling through the TV footage at home!

(All images from Instagram)

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