Online Fashion Bargains by Sophie Polak

Fashion is an important thing in (most) people’s lives and just because you are a student on a budget does not mean that you have to compromise on the latest trends.

Here we’ve got three great ways of finding amazing fashion bargains that are still on trend. I am all for shopping at second hand shops but that is really not for everyone. If it’s not your type of style it can be very time consuming and if you’re anything like me, never find anything amazing.

Ebay has been around for a while now so I’m sure everyone knows about this one. If you don’t, then it is so worth taking the time to set up an eBay account (as well as a PayPal account).

You can find so many great items on eBay even clothes that are still in store, often people have lost their receipt so cannot return the item. One of my top tips is to message the seller to see if they have a ‘buy it now price’ very often they want a guaranteed buyer so may even give it to you a bit cheaper.

There are also lots of online shops around at the moment that have great priced clothes (not naming any names) but you can tell they buy from the same or similar supplier as many of the clothes or shoes are the same. Usually this supplier is on eBay too selling for even cheaper, so just type in the description of the item (this especially works for shoes) and find yourself some great bargains. What I love about eBay at the moment is that many companies offer free express delivery!

ASOS Marketplace is great for independent boutiques and the thing that brings me back to ASOS marketplace every time is that they really have the aesthetics sorted; it just feels like you are browsing a very clear, clean cut fashion website.

Categories help you browse what you are looking for. With the ‘get inspired’ feature even if you don’t know what you are looking for it’s nice to have a look around. That is something that I find very hard to do on eBay, there you have to know what you’re looking for.

You can really find some unusual things on ASOS marketplace as there are a lot of independent boutiques which I feel are really missing from our UK high streets.They also have a blog where you can keep up to date with fashion events and insights into the sellers.

Depop is a new one that all the bloggers are loving at the moment. It is an app, a bit like eBay but without the bidding. The best bit is that some sellers even accept swaps, so if they like something you’re selling and vice versa you can come to an agreement.

You can ‘follow’ your favourite sellers and be the first to know when something is listed. I just love that all the bloggers are on Depop selling the very clothes they featured on a blog post a few weeks back.

Always be careful on any online site you use to buy things. Be alert for scammers, make sure they have some sort of feedback and only purchase something through Paypal.

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