How To Jazz Up Your Student House by Hardeep Kaur

Moving into your student accommodation for the year is exciting (and stressful). You’ve just hauled all of your stuff from your childhood home to a new house and when you finally open the door to your bedroom… and you’re faced with a far from inspirational room complete with an ugly stained carpet and peeling wallpaper. Yep, student housing can sometimes be drab but here are a few cheap ways you can spruce up your student house to make it feel more like home.

Superman Sheets, £20 @ Ebay

De-clutter your life

Start by de-cluttering so you can see exactly what you have to work with. Do you really need to keep that letter from that guy you dated for 30 minutes in primary school? What about your beyond repair pyjamas from when you were 15 years old? Throwing old stuff out is therapeutic and helps you free up space (for new stuff!).


Just because it’s an essential, doesn’t mean it has to be boring and overlooked. Pick something fun that you actually want to sleep in (and will wash).

Colour Scheme

To make your room actually feel like your space, pick out a colour scheme and add splashes of colour to make your room feel bright and welcoming.

Rose print cushion, £6 @



You can never have enough cushions; they will come in handy at every house party and sleepover you ever have. Personalised photograph cushions are available for around £20 at most printing outlets.



Lantern, £2 @ Ikea

Alternative Lighting

Candles are an elegant way to create a cosy atmosphere in your room especially when you’re hung-over and can’t stand overwhelming artificial light. Team them up with a Moroccan-style lantern to make sure that you don’t cause any house fires.


A lot of the time floors go unnoticed, but if you’re the type to actually keep your clothes in your wardrobe (rather than on the floor) rugs are a great way of adding your own touch and some colour to an otherwise bland room. It’s also nice to have something soft to stand on!

Teal Blue shaggy rug, £22.48 @



When you’re restricted to accessorizing you room, posters can really spruce up your boring walls especially if you’re just a mega fan of breaking bad or are in desperate need of some eye candy.

Doctor Who Poster, £3.99 @







Uni is beyond stressful at times; photos are fun and can help to lift your spirits at the times when you need it most.


Star lights, £9.99 @ Amazon



Fairy lights

Fairy lights come in a variety of colours and designs to suit any room. They will also save you when your light bulb goes and you can’t afford a new one.


Bring some life into your room by adding plants and flowers (just make sure you look after them). Cactus’s are said to absorb radiation – which might help with those endless hours of watching Netflix from your laptop.

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