Moving Home Checklist by Georgina Rowe

Moving out of the family home can be a tough part of leaving for University. There’s so much to do and all those memories to deal with… To make it all a little easier, here’s a definitive moving home checklist.

1. Finding your new home

Now this step may sound a little obvious, but finding the right place for you isn’t just a matter of googling ‘student accommodation in Manchester’ and renting the first place on the list. It’s a delicate process, as you could be stuck with a mouldy, smelly flat for the next 3 years.

2. Making a list of what you’ll need for university

This isn’t just ‘clothes’, this can include a new rug to cover the cold floor tiles or a lava lamp to brighten the mood of the place. (For more details on how to improve your room once you get there, see our article on how to jazz up your student house).

3. Go through all your stuff!

Eighteen years of life can amount to a fair amount of belongings lingering in your bedroom and it’s time to finally go through all of it! Do you really still need that skirt which you bought with your best friend but never wore? Is that football trophy going to be of any use at Uni? I thought so.

4. Sort out your finances

Plan how much rent is going to cost you per month and where you’re going to get the money from before you get there. That way you can focus on the first term of University without any unnecessary stress. Also make sure to check the conditions with your deposit, as landlords can sometimes ask for very odd, specific things to remain in the flat!

5. Look after your ID

Make sure that if your parents normally look after your ID (like your National Insurance number, Passport, student ID/NUS card) you take care of it! Nobody wants to be stuck when someone wants to see proof of age and you have to say “I think I left it in the bathroom?”

6. Researching medical care

Most people are registered with a doctor or dentist in the area where they grew up. If that’s you, make sure to research the area where you’ll be living, so that if you are in need of an emergency tooth pulling then you know where to go.

7. Buying new furniture

As we all know, students are renowned for having very little money to spend on anything. This can be a problem when buying furniture, so use websites like Freecycle to source second-hand furniture to fill your flat/student room with.

8. Label your boxes!

Firstly, here at The SPG I’ve been informed that you must get enough boxes (it sounds as if someone has a bit of personal experience with this!). You must also label them correctly, to avoid losing any of your stuff before you even move in!

9. Meet up with your new housemates

To ensure you’re living with people you get along with, make sure to meet up with your potential housemates before moving in. You could find them on social media or literally meet them in person for a cup of coffee. Just don’t go in unprepared!

10. Redirecting your post

Our last tip for moving into your new home is to redirect your post. How annoying would it be for your last landlords (most likely your parents!) to keep receiving your junk mail?!

Good luck with moving!

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