Being a student, safety is something that is always on your mind. It is typical of the generation to have all the mod cons with 70% having a computer or laptop and 86% having a mobile phone, (we thought it would be more like 100%??) You want to be able to do all you can to stop those thieves getting their paws on your posh things.

You would think that your accommodation would be the safest place at Uni to keep all your precious belongings but according to the home office 1 in 3 students are a victim of crime. That is a pretty high rate.

Welcome Bob Fitzjohn a Grandfather who has worried about the safety of his seven grandchildren whilst they live away from home. He has researched the portable lock market and found that many were flimsy with a reputation to break, heavy or just difficult to use and not one offered the ability to be able to open the door to see who was ‘a knockin’.

The only solution was for him to design a lock himself, et voila the ‘Easy Lock’is born (well invented). A brilliant answer for students in halls, flats, shared houses or even just wanting security whilst travelling abroad. The Easy Lock is the lightest lock of its kind and It even allows you to open the door a little so you can see who is outside.

So the Grandfather, Bob Fitzjohn, is making an appeal to the public to support his venture. You can pledge funds from just £2 at the crowdfunding website live 01/07/14. A total of £10,000.00 is needed to fund the project.

Easy Lock will cost £19.95, with free postage in Europe, £4 worldwide. It is being developed in a range of colours, and will also have a choice of coloured pouch. The product, if funded, could be a very exciting breakthrough for the world of security.

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