Four Ways To Improve Your Researching by Georgina Rowe

When you’re trying to write an essay, finding relevant sources and information can be a real problem. Focusing can also be an issue, what with your friends just a click away. We’re here to help! With these search tips and advice, you’ll be finished with that essay in no time.

Google Scholar
This simple variation on the normal Google website will help you to narrow down your search results from everything and the kitchen sink, to more relevant academic documents. It lets you look for physical and digital copies of articles that you can reference giving you the chance to really get those marks.Searching has never been so easy.

Switch Off
Sometimes, Twitter and Facebook can be a bit of a distraction. Solve this issue by downloading a program like Cold Turkey, which allows you to block social media sites for a given period of time.

Take Breaks
Whilst this may not seem like a solution to the problem, taking set breaks every now and again can help you to concentrate when you’re writing. If you spend four solid hours staring at a computer screen with no time out then you’ll definitely lose focus. So get up, have a walk around and drink a glass of water. Most importantly, relax!

Search keywords
When searching for sources, sifting through the thousands of search results can be a complete waste of time. Using the keywords below you can easily refine your search results instantly.


There you have it – 4 crucial tips to improve your studying, researching or writing.

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