Snapchat Reveals Geofilters by Sophie Polak

Snapchat is huge now, what is better than being able to send ugly selfies to your best friends and them being deleted, never to be viewed again…as long as the dreaded ‘screenshot’ notification doesn’t appear.

So have you all received your update from Snapchat giving you a sneak peak into the new ‘Geofilters’ update? If not check it out below.

Now, the Geofilters are filters to add to your Snapchat but are location specific, just to make that 10 second viewing a little bit more special. Well they are certainly an improvement on the temperature or the time. They weren’t really a lot of fun.

Unfortunately Snapchat’s Geofilters are only available if you are in LA or New York, what good is that!? We sure are hoping that they are rolled out throughout the world, but until then I suppose we better get on that Jet to LA.

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