Why Cats Are Popular On The Internet by Sophie Polak

We have all seen the power of the cat on the internet, from animated gifs and memes to dedicated Facebook and Instagram accounts (we’re talking about you Grumpy Cat).

Cats on the internet have been around a long time, remember caturday, keyboard cat and not forgetting that girl who was a crying catlady YouTube sensation.The remix is actually on iTunes.

It is very unusual that cats are so popular on the Internet because in ‘real’ life cat people tend to come across slightly crazy and dog people are cool (although I have seen many examples of dog people being the ones that are cray cray). So we have come up with some reasons why we think cats have become so popular, of course accompanied by relevant gifs & meme’s wherever possible!

  1. Kittens are just cute in general: Whether you’re male or female anything cute secretly melts your heart. You either repost cute kittens or save them secretly so you can view their cuteness another time… in secret.
  2. Cats don’t even have to try very hard. A dog with a watermelon on its head? Is that all you’ve got?
  3. There are real life breeds of cat that just look naturally grumpy (this one’s for you Grumpy Cat).
  4. They look cool in glasses.
  5. They react fabulously to great gossip.
  6. They’re derpy.
  7. Have a great ability to display human emotions.
  8. This thriller impression is really something to be jealous of.
  9. They have a impressive ability to impersonate girls at every festival (ever).
  10. They’re just plain adorable. (David Tennant!)
(All images from Tumblr)
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