Iphone 6 rumours are everywhere, from leaked photos to possible release dates and actual handsets being smuggled from the factories. We are all very aware of how secretive Apple can be about their products, apparently even the retail employees are not allowed to mention  Apple at all on their social media accounts! So we’ve gathered all our intelligence to give you a little low down on the iPhone 6.

Apple is expected to officially announce a release date for the new iPhone 6 within a month. When we look at iPhone releases in previous years they have always been in September or October so we at SPG are 99% sure it will be the same again for the iPhone 6.

The actual design and aesthetic of the new iPhone 6 is expected to be very rounded, much like how the first generation iPhone originally was. It is also rumoured that there will be two sizes of the phone to choose from (4,7” and 5.5”). It may run with iOS 8 which has an automatic unlocking system which corresponds to your location, so when you are in a ‘safe location’ (like your home) there will be no need for pass code or fingerprint recognition. Another improved feature will be the camera, currently an iPhone 5s has an 8 megapixel camera which is being upped to a 10 megapixel camera in the new handset.

These specs are all currently rumours but they make the iPhone 6 sounds like a dream. What features do you hope the new iPhone will have?

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