The graduate job market is so competitive right now and you need to stand out! If you are struggling to get your foot in the door it might be worth taking some tips from job hunting marketing graduate Alfred Ajani.

This photo of Alfred has gone viral after he pitched himself at Waterloo station and handed out his CV’s to commuters. Mr Ajani, who has applied for more than 300 jobs since April without success, stood at Waterloo station holding a sign which read: “Marketing graduate (BA Hons 2:1 Coventry Uni) Ask for CV.” This stunt by Alfred was bound to get him noticed in his chosen field of marketing as he is promoting himself in a really unique way. You have got to have some guts to do this but ultimately it did get the attention of the company bosses passing him. Alfred has been offered many interviews some for positions as far away as New York!

He echoes the opinions of many graduates by saying “If everyone is saying we don’t have experience, and then I do not understand how we are supposed to get that experience.” Here at SPG we have got lots of tips for you about work experience, jobs and interviews to help whether you are a graduate or new student.

(Image from Twitter: Fr3dSantana)

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