Alternative London by Sage Fitzpatrick

With the summer heat upon us, the idea of getting onto a crowded and hot bus or tube carriage is sometimes too much to bear. So instead of exploring the city and all of it’s underground glory (really the tube is pretty awesome when it behaves), why not stay above ground and walk your way through London? And to help you I’ve compiled a list of some of the walks that are available for you to experience at the moment. And believe me, there is something for everyone.

Harry Potter Walk

The city offers a host of locations for you to visit if you are a fan of Harry, Ron and Hermione. You may choose to be lead to each site by a tour guide or you may feel like tackling it yourself. Either way you will see a number of iconic locations on your journey through the city, including the inspiration for Gringotts Bank, the High Commission of Australia, Platform 9 ¾ at Kings Cross station and also the Millennium Bridge, which we saw destroyed by Death Eaters in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

Jack the Ripper Tour

For those who are interested in some of the brutal history of London then taking this tour may be the perfect option for you. You’ll learn about notorious killer Jack The Ripper and his victims, whilst getting to visit some of the murder spots. You’ll be treated to some stunning views of The Gherkin whilst you head to Mitre Square, where one of the victims was found. And after that why not have a drink in The Ten Bells pub close to Spitafields, where Jack allegedly stalked his victims.

East End Art Tour

If you are into graffiti and exploring the East End, then this is the perfect tour for you to do. Whilst walking around Brick Lane and past the delights of Rough Trade and Blitz, you’ll come across artwork from Banksy, Roaand Stik. You’ll see outstanding large pieces scattered around the East, as well as the smaller hidden treasures that you would normally walk straight past.

Sherlock Walk

For fans of the BBC show Sherlock, a walk around London is the perfect way to see some of the places you may have spotted in some of your favorite episodes. First stop, for any fan of Arthur Conan Doyle’s beloved character Sherlock, has got to be Baker Street and the Sherlock Holmes Museum. You may also want to take a walk to where Watson and Sherlock met in the BBC drama, St Bart’s Hospital, or grab a quick bite to eat at Speedys Café in Camden.

Rock and Roll Walk

For all those music lovers out there, this walk is perfect. Stop off in Soho to create the scene of the Oasis’ ‘What’s The Story Morning Glory’ album cover, or to browse through many of the record stores which litter the streets. Or just a few streets down from Oxford Street you can watch the hub of activity surrounding the BBC offices or even set your eyes upon where Paul McCartney once lived, and also penned one of the Beatles greatest hits ‘Yesterday’, with John Lennon.

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