Cheap Date Ideas by Neela Kumar

As a student, you might experience these two things: a lack of money and a romantic interest in someone. However, if you have both of these and think that you’re going to need money to treat that someone special, think again! There’s still plenty of cheap date ideas to take that special someone out that won’t cost you much or anything at all.

If you live near a beach or somewhere with really nice scenery, such as a view point, you could take a picnic down there or just go for a walk and hang out together. Walks are a really good way to spend time together and go to places you haven’t been before – you never know what kinds of places you could find if you go exploring. If you get too tired, then sit down and just chat. Remember a blanket, if it gets cold you can snuggle under it and a thermos of hot drink too! If it’s in summer and you’re at a beach, (this may be a bit much for a first date) you two can always go for swim in the sea! As for the picnic, you can get some quite good deals in supermarkets for cheap, yet high quality food. You don’t have to go all out, but make sure you have enough food and drink for the both of you, and you could even casually find out from them or their friends what your date likes best and surprise them.

However, if you’re not that into going out, then how about a nice date at yours or theirs? Watching films together or a TV series marathon can be a really good bonding activity, but what about playing board games or doing a crafty activity together? It’ll give you something to talk about and it’s something a bit different that they’ll remember! It may sound childish, but it’ll be something fun for the two of you to do together. Ordering a takeaway for this date could be a nice idea as well, but if you really want to impress, how about making something for them or together? Cooking is a nice activity because you can become inventive with it as well. It doesn’t matter how it tastes sometimes because it’s the fun of making it that counts most.

Depending on whether your date or yourself like a bit of culture or sightseeing, there are plenty of places and popular attractions that are free and cheap to get into. Museums and art galleries are some places that may seem like an unusual date but will give you something interesting to discuss. Be tourists and discover something new together, your date won’t forget the experience, especially if it’s something they’re really into. It’s a more thoughtful than a cinema date or just going for a meal! Even if it doesn’t go so well, at least you’ll discover some new things that are interesting and allows for more conversation starters to prevent awkwardness.

Another more exciting idea if you really want to get out there and be a romantic is to take them dancing. There are plenty of clubs or taster sessions where you could learn to dance properly, or just make your room into a dance floor. With some music and the right lighting, the pair of you can dance the night away. If you’re less into dancing and more into sport, there are plenty of games that involve two players such as tennis, badminton or even a small scale game of basket ball. Your local leisure centre may not charge very much for just an hour to hire a court giving a chance for you two to become competitive, especially if it’s a common interest.

As well as all of these, it’s also a good idea to keep an eye on what events are going on around campus. These are usually free and cheap for students to attend such as society meetings, planned walks or free classes. There will definitely be some comedy nights or open mic sessions, as well as pub quizzes and karaoke. With these ideas, you’ll surely find something that would appeal to the two of you without breaking your budget. They say it’s the thought that counts and that will mean a lot more to someone than flashing the cash. Who says romance is dead?

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