Have you seen the Dan Bilzerian Ice Bucket Challenge? If not, read on! Dan Bilzerian is a poker playing playboy, whose antics with women, guns and cars have been played out on Instagram earning him the title of ‘Instagram’s Playboy King’.  Dan Bilzerian is no stranger to flashing the cash, so of course he had to do the latest internet craze ‘The Ice Bucket Challenge’ and out do everyone in the process.

The ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ is a social media craze that began in the USA to raise money and awareness for ALS, better known as Motor Neurone Disease here in the UK. The idea is that you accept (also donating £10 to the charity) and pour a bucket of ice cold water over yourself and nominate three people to complete the challenge in 24 hours. If they don’t, the forfeit is that they have to donate £100 to the charity. Loads of celebs have taken part and nominated their famous friends too.

Watch the Dan Bilzerian Ice Bucket Challenge below. He completely out-does everyone by being assisted by bikini-clad women and er, a goat?

(All images Instagram)

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