Perks of Living By The Sea by Sage Fitzpatrick

For those who grow up by the seaside the sea, the beach and the ice cream shops are just a way of life. For those who didn’t it’s a novelty, it reminds them of holidays and time spent with loved ones. Us seaside folk take for granted what was actually on our doorstep and sometimes it takes moving away to appreciate that it is actually pretty cool to live in a seaside town.

365 days access to the beach. That’s what you get when you live by the sea. Any hour of the day, any time of year, you don’t have to limit yourself to just going to the beach in the peak of summer. There are beautiful, crisp winter days to be enjoyed on the sand. And sometimes a walk along a deserted beach is the perfect way to spend a lazy weekend.

The abundance of ice cream shops are also one of the perks you get used to when you live by the sea. During summer you don’t even bother trying to fight your way through the throngs of tourists. But once the crowds have died down the ice cream shops are all yours. Mr Whippy ice creams all year round? Yes please. What’s more these shops are also a great way to get employment over the summer, if you ever need a little extra cash.

For those of you who have lived in both a seaside town and in the city will know how different they are. The city is fast paced and full of energy. But even in the biggest of seaside towns the pace always seems a little slower. The atmosphere is more relaxed and so are the people. In turn we see ourselves relaxing when we are there too. And a lung full of clear, sea air always seems to sort your head out.

And finally for the more adventurous of us living by the sea is also great if you want to practice your surfing or swimming. Obviously only certain parts of the UK are better than others for these things, but every beach has it’s charm. My seaside town hosts an annual Christmas Day swim for those wishing to brave the freezing cold waters. But you may just choose to sunbathe by a beach hut or take a stroll down your pier, the possibilities are endless when you live so close to a beach.

So for those of you, who grew up in a seaside town and couldn’t wait to leave it for university, just take a moment to think about the cool things that go with living by the beach. And for those of you who didn’t why not take a trip to your nearest seaside town this summer and see what all the fuss is about?

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