Summer In The City 2014 by Sophie Polak

YouTube is the Mecca of online videos, from cooking and make-up tutorials to instructions of how to build that bookshelf. Globally over six billion hours of YouTube are watched each MONTH, that is a huge amount basically nearly an hour for every person on Earth.

Summer in the City is an annual event hosted in the UK that aims to bring the YouTube community together. It has been running for five years now and has just been growing. YouTube fans and creators alike can get together, have their questions answered by their favourite YouTubers and generally talk everything social media. There are special guests in the form of some of the UK’s most successful Youtuber’s Jim Chapman, Zoella and Dan Is Not On Fire who will be giving insights into their channel and any tips they have.

As well as the weekend dates, there’s a dedicated ‘creator day’ for YouTuber’s to network attend workshops and get loads of information about building their channel, whether they have 50 subscribers or 50 million. The ‘creator day’ is a very professional day that aims to be teaching everyone great techniques to improve and get the most out of their YouTube channel. We have heard rumours that there is a code of behaviour and nobody should be asking for autographs or photos, save this for the Saturday and Sunday events people!

Summer in the City is being held at Alexandra Palace over the 9th and 10th of August.

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