American singer-songwriter, Meghan Trainor was signed shortly after her 18th birthday, while she was still in high school. Growing up surrounded by musicians, it seems Meghan was destined to follow in the footsteps  of her family members. Her first single is released in the UK in October and has already received over 89 million views on YouTube. We caught up with Meghan at the beginning of what seems to be a very bright future!

Your debut single ‘All About That Bass’ has topped the charts globally, and has been awarded with a Platinum Certificate in the United States for over 1 million sales. This is amazing for any artist, and this is your first single release! Did this huge success come as a shock to you? Yes, absolutely. I never thought it would be this amazing or go this fast! However I’m loving every minute of it.

How did you celebrate? Haven’t really yet but whenever I’m with my family members we always sit for hours and talk about how crazy everything is!

You are releasing the single here in the UK in October. Why did you choose to release the single in the UK later? My label wanted to give it the best chance to succeed so I let them take the lead.

For those that don’t know, can you explain the message behind the song ‘All About That Bass’? It’s about loving your body, loving yourself, and loving all your insecurities and having fun with it!

It’s got to be something a lot of people can relate to, what has the reaction been like so far? The comments have been super supportive and the fans have been amazing during this crazy ride. A lot of girls post about how they had an eating disorder and my song convinced them to stop. It’s a crazy feeling knowing a three minute song I wrote can affect people like that.

You have said previously that there has also been a backlash from some people? A few girls online will comment “you suck for shaming skinny people because you are insecure about being fat” but I never wrote the song to shame skinny people, I just wrote a fun song about loving yourself more.

How did you get into music? My family is very musical. My father was a band teacher on Nantucket for many years. My uncle is a soca singer from Trinidad and Tobago and my aunt sings as well. We actually had a family band together so I grew up loving music.

You’ve previously written for other artists and now you’re doing your own stuff, is the writing process any different? It’s a whole new world – A lot of hard work. And just having your own face being the face of the song is crazy and scary sometimes. People can say whatever they want about me. However I love what I do and I’m going to keep doing it!

Can you tell us a secret about yourself? I am terrified of the dark.

Soca (a style of Caribbean music) is your favourite genre of music. What is it about this style that inspires you? I love that every song is upbeat, happy, positive, and super catchy! A lot of my pop writing is influenced by the catchiness of soca. I love it!

You have a debut album coming out, what can we expect from it? A lot of fun, very relatable songs that don’t sound like a lot of songs you hear on the radio. It’s original and you can hear all of my musical influences throughout the album.

What else have we got to look forward to? Fun shows and more TV performances!

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