Living At Home For Uni by Hardeep Kaur

Are you thinking of living at home for uni? You always find that new students are always banging on about having ‘the proper university experience’. Many think this can only be achieved by living away from home in less than substantial accommodation and fully embracing all that is ‘student’. Loads of people think that living away from home for university is a rite of passage to adulthood and that those who live at home are living boring, sheltered lives, relying on their parents to keep them going.

All of this suggests that everyone who can’t afford to live away from home or those that don’t want to, are somehow missing out or lacking in maturity – but that definitely isn’t the case and here are some reasons why it’s ok to be living at home for university:

1: You might actually get your work done – without a doubt living away from home is full of distractions which hinder you from attending lectures or doing set work. Your tuition fees (which are probably around nine grand a year) pay for you to learn, so it’s probably best that you try and keep those distractions to a minimum and stay as focused as you can by living at home.

2: It makes more sense for you – if you live near your university, can you really justify spending £5,000 a year on student accommodation plus all the other costs that come along with fending for yourself? Living at home can sometimes be the more sensible option – especially if you live really close.

3: You already have your own space – People enjoy student accommodation for the feeling of being free, going wherever you want and doing whatever you want – but some of us have this already. You might already have your own cosy space free of nagging, smothering parents.

4: You won’t get dragged into unnecessary house-related drama – who stole my spatula? Who did a poo and closed the window? You don’t have to listen to this because the ‘house rules’ are already sorted at your place. You won’t need to waste your entire first year trying to establish house rules, or standing outside in your underwear because your flatmate set the fire alarm off trying to use the toaster.

5: You’re independent anyway – Living at home doesn’t make you dependent, nor does it make you less independent than those living away from home because – NEWSFLASH –  if you’re texting your mum from your halls every week asking her for money you may as well be living at home.

6: You like living at home – It might sound crazy but you might actually get along with your family and like living with them… and what is wrong with wanting to live at home in a well decorated comfy house? Absolutely nothing!

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