Whether you are a fresher, in your second year or third year (or even beyond) it is more than likely you will move into new accommodation at the start of term. Moving away from home already puts you out of your comfort zone and no matter how many times you do move, you will want everything to go as smoothly as possible so that you can survive in student accommodation.

Moving into student accommodation is a daunting experience, it is a sign you are an adult, with responsibilities. Many of these responsibilities are making sure you actually survive this experience without giving yourself food poisoning or burning the house down. When you stay in halls or in student housing there will be someone in charge of everything health and safety related. It may be that there’s a company looking after your halls or it will be the landlord that looks after your uni house. We really hope that there would never be any problems as those in charge of your accommodation should be on top of everything. There really is never any harm in checking everything out yourself, especially because every year millions of people expose themselves to potentially fatal electrical accidents. This is usually down to a lack of knowledge about how dangerous electricity really is.

Now, we have all learnt that electricity is a very dodgy substance and it is not to be messed with. We here at The SPG guess that not many students are qualified electricians so do not know how to spot any danger signs or if there’s anything amiss. Technology, a great user of electricity, has come to the rescue in the form of a very simple app. The Visual Checks app from Electrical Safety First helps you highlight potential dangers and then instructs you how to resolve them. As mentioned this is an app, not an electrician, so for more serious issues that are flagged up please make sure you get a professional in.


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