Cheap Winter Holidays by Sage Fitzpatrick

Winter can sometimes turn out to be a very expensive time of year, what with Christmas and New Year making an appearance. For those thinking of doing a little travelling during winter, the prices can most definitely take the fun out of things. Living on a student budget generally means that money is pretty tight even when on holiday. So if you’re looking to save money and go away this winter follow these tips for cheap winter holidays.

Fly to smaller airports:
If you’ve decided that flying is the option for you this winter then bear in mind that flights to certain airports will be way more expensive than others. When looking into flights try to research the smaller, quieter airports closer to your holiday destination in order to save money.

Alternative transport:
If you’re really trying to be savvy with your money and the option is there, why not take a different type of transport to your winter getaway? Around Christmas and New Year prices can go sky high and can make a small weekend trip a lot pricier than expected. If you have the extra time to spare try booking yourself onto a coach. Tickets are a lot more reasonable and it’s a great way to explore the sights on the way to your destination. If coaches are not for you then a train may be the ideal form of transport. To save more money try to look out for student or young person discounts or winter deals.

Think carefully about luggage:
This tip is for the flyers among you. You may have been lucky enough to find a cheap ticket to your holiday destination but adding the checked luggage option will always result in a hefty price rise. If you can help it, try to avoid purchasing luggage and try to rely just on hand luggage. If you are going away for a long weekend this is easily done, as long as you have your packing technique perfected and your mini toiletries stored away in a clear bag. What’s more, avoiding checking in your luggage will save you time and effort once you arrive, as you wont have to wait around the baggage carousel for your luggage.

Look out for deals:
This tip goes for all types of holidays, not just winter ones. Before you book you trip, shop around. You may think what you have found so far is a good deal, but if you don’t look around you may miss the option of saving yourself some real money. Some companies will also introduce winter deals on certain locations and holidays, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for those too. Remember when shopping around for deals to delete your computer cookies as there have been rumours that once websites see you are shopping around prices will rise.

Choose your accommodation wisely:
Like everything prices of rooms tend to go up around the winter period. Being student’s, hostels tends to be the type of accommodation we gravitate towards. But before you do, look into other options. If you’re a large group heading off this season then a hostel may be more expensive and less convenient for you all, in this case looking into renting an apartment may be the best option for you. Hotels and B&B’s may also be a possibility and could end up costing you only a fraction more than your hostel, which to some may be completely worth it.

The tips above are designed to help you save money on your holiday this winter. And wherever you end up lets hope you have a great time. And just think that extra £20 you saved on flights could be put towards your next holiday or just a fancy dinner whilst you’re away.

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