We here at The SPG are big supporters of new/unsigned/unknown artists and bands. Just take a look at our YouTube channel if you don’t believe us (shameless promotion right there). Our good friends Fly 53 are also fans and were supporting the cause with their event ‘The Fly 53 Music Series’. This free event happened in Manchester’s Soundcontrol venue and featured the best new bands from across the UK. We took a look at the talent and have come up with a selection of our favourites that we think you will love too.

SLOMO– The three piece from Sheffield describe their style as “highly ritualised somnambulant glumbient gowner”, yeah we have no idea but we would describe it more as indie rock, which everyone understands, right?

The Blossoms– Having regularly been featured on BBC introducing, the five piece from Stockport are gradually making waves in the music industry. The 60’s vibe that they bring to their tracks really shapes the band into something unique.

Tokolosh– Former members of the Whip and the Earlies have formed Manc superband Tokolosh. Their sound is extremely difficult to describe, a mix of folk, rock and electronica all together.

If you fancy making some purchases from Fly 53, don’t forget that readers of The SPG receive an exclusive 10% off sale items with the code STUDENT10.

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