Students aren’t always thought of as the well dressed youths of today. With a hangover 24/7 plus the stress of deadlines or exams, having a wash might not be at the top of some people’s priority list. This needs to change, now! It is really not acceptable to be wearing smelly joggers from last week, paired with a grubby, holey t-shirt. It is especially not acceptable when Money Clothing are offering The Student Pocket Guide readers an exclusive 30% off in the freshers edition. As we do treat you so well here at The SPG, we have rounded up campus cool style so that you are always looking fresh.

Lecture cool: This outfit is nice and simple, you can wake up, throw on a pair of jeans with a sweater and be ready in five minutes with no faffing. This means you can get more sleep from the antics of the night before. Whether that was partying or pulling an all nighter to get that essay done.

From pub to club: The best nights are always the unexpected ones. You go for a ‘quiet one’ at the pub and things start to get out of hand. This outfit is still chilled enough for the pub but can still be worn in the club just make sure your Money Rebound’s are looking fresh.

Hangover comfort: Not even a hangover is an excuse for looking an absolute state. You can still be nice and comfy whilst nursing that sore head, just throw on a pair of track pants and t-shirt. You mind even find that someone actually wants to sit next to you in lectures now.

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