It’s not just girls that love fashion and like to take care of their appearance. Boys also like to dress up and look dapper on a night out. Suits can become a bit mundane; everywhere sells similar styles in the standard black, navy and grey colours. Sometimes shops mix it up a bit, throwing in a bit of tweed here and there, but if you are looking for something truly spectacular, you have come to the right place. We have sought out the top five suits for every fashionista so that you will never be stuck for something to wear again.

Halloween is fast approaching and you are just too fashionable to be dressing up in those tacky costumes. You’ve got a dilemma; the clubs won’t let you in unless you’re dressed up, but you can’t lower your standards. Well, take a look at this ultimate Halloween suit “The PumpKing” the quirky print was made to be worn to a Halloween event!

You’ve got a date and you want to impress. You don’t want to wear something too overboard (that’ll scare her off) but you want to show your special girl that you know how to get suited and booted. Well how about “The Orange” it shows that you are a fun guy, not afraid to make an entrance and you like to get the party started.

The lads have organised a Poker night at their flat. You are determined to win all their cash and take the crown of Poker King. Then you need to get in the right fashion mind, wear the “Poker Face” suit with pride and with any luck they’ll be too busy looking at your outfit and not concentrating on their hand.

Have the themed club nights continued after freshers has finished? Is dressing up and looking silly really not your thing? Well, don’t worry my stylish fashionista, we have got the ultimate suit that will save you from your dressing up nightmare. Just go “Commando” and show them who’s in charge in the fashion stakes.

December will be here in no time at all, bringing along with it all those cheap polyester Christmas jumpers. Why would you want to purchase something that is going to make you feel itchy and will only last one wash? You need something that will stand out for the work Christmas party if you want that promotion and the “Christmaster” suit is sure to do the job.

Here at The Student Pocket Guide, we are dedicated to saving you students a bit of cash. The lovely lot over at Opposuits are giving our lucky readers £7.50 of their order with the discount code: SPG2014.

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