We know what it’s like being a student, the student loan is spent as quickly as it entered your bank account. You start to worry that you will not be able to eat for the rest of the year and you will do anything to make a bit of quick cash! So, we don’t want to make you jel and we don’t want you to quit your degree but check out the following jobs that have got to be the coolest jobs ever.

Beer taster- This is something you do on a Friday, Saturday and er, Sunday night anyway so it is definitely something you could get paid for. You have got to know your stuff so we suggest that you get practicing.

Water slide tester- This was a real job advertised by a leading holiday company. With a decent salary of 20K, you get to travel the world for six months testing out the ultimate water slides. The main criteria on the job description was that you had to be “happy to get wet at work” and “comfortable in swimwear”…where do we apply?

TV corpse- The job entails doing essentially nothing all day. For lying completely still for a few hours a day you can get paid up to £200 with lunch thrown in.

Travel blogger- Recently Thailand tourism officials advertised for people who love to travel and wanted to write about their experiences. Although with no salary, all expenses would be paid and you would receive $10,000, a video camera and a Blackberry.

Bed tester- It can be hard to get out of bed in the morning, but not if you have the coolest job as a bed tester! It has got to be said, this job may be harder to find but a leading department store hires someone to test out all their beds and bedding to make sure their customers only received the best.

(All images sourced from Tumblr)

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