10 Ideas To Save Money by Sage Fitzpatrick

Life as a student usually involves running low on cash. And most definitely this will happen to you on more than one occasion. We have compiled a list of our top ten ideas so that you can save money and help you spread your cash further.

1. Cook: It may sound simple because it really is. Eating out is expensive. If you are going to a different take away or restaurant every night your budget will rapidly diminish into nothing. So opt out of going for that Chinese and cook yourself one at home. Plus if you have leftovers you have lunch for the next day prepared too.

2. Avoid Cabs: Picture this… It’s raining, your bags are heavy and you just want to get home and sleep. A cab drives by. The temptation to get in is strong. But you must resist. By walking or taking public transport you will save yourself heaps of cash.

3. Book Trains In Advance: With many students travelling back home or across country to visit friends train prices can mount up. But by booking tickets before you travel will save you cash and a lot of hassle. Just remember to actually board the train you paid for.

4. Student Discounts: Probably a students two favourite words besides “No Lecture” and “Free Drinks”. Many shops are pretty vocal about giving students a discount, but some aren’t. So when you next go shopping, just ask. You’ve got nothing to loose.

5. Don’t Spend Unnecessarily: You may think you need that new pair of jeans, but you most probably don’t. Students tend to socialise at restaurants, pubs or shops. So it can be hard to avoid spending. If you can’t completely justify it, then you don’t really need to purchase it.

6. Sell Your Old Stuff: This is a great way to make yourself some extra cash. If you have old books, CD’s or clothes laying around then get selling. If you are not sure where to start then begin online. Ebay and Gumtree are always a great start. Music Magpie is also another great one for getting rid of old movies etc. And why not search for selling groups in your local area on Facebook? You may shift some stuff that way too.

7. Budget: It sounds terribly dull, but it really does work. Well as long as you can learn to stick to it. Write down how much you spend on week, including money spent on going out or buying clothes. Then cut down the cost of things on the list. So instead of spending £50 on the weekly shop aim to spend just £40. This small saving will amount to a lot in the long run.

8. Avoid The Fresher Week Trap: For many moving to university will be the first taste of freedom. No-one to tell you what to eat or to stop spending. And for some, getting given vast quantities of money at the start of term is the best present ever. Just avoid being silly with your cash and throwing it around like it will never run out. Because it will. And then you’ll spend the rest of the semester sitting at home on a Friday Night, eating own brand rice.

9. Don’t Buy Brand: Learning to shop sensibly will also save you money. Try supermarket own brand foods. It may take a little time to get used to the different products, but once you notice how cheap your shopping can actually be you’ll be wishing you started doing this sooner.

10. Pre- Drink: As students this is not a foreign concept to you. Basically to save money you drink lots of alcohol before you head out, ensuring you need to spend little, if any, whilst on a night out. If you do have to drink whilst out look for deals on selected alcohol.

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