How To Beat The Winter Blues by Sage Fitzpatrick

You wake up and it’s dark. You get home from uni or work and it’s dark. It’s always cold and your feet are always wet. And there is no denying it; winter has well and truly arrived. And even with the holidays coming up, some students are finding it increasingly hard to beat their winter blues. But don’t worry. We are here to help…

One way you could try to cheer yourself up is by spending time with friends. Go out to the cinema, or have a pint down your local pub. Seeing your friends is a sure way to brighten your mood. Having time with your close friends will allow you to forget whatever it is making you so miserable. It will give you a chance to laugh, catch up and hopefully lift you out of your winter slumber. And if that doesn’t work, they are sure to give you a healthy dose of man up.

If the weather has got you down and your budget and time schedules allow it, why not take a trip? This could be a week sunning yourself on the beach or a month long Christmas treat to the other side of the world. You’ll get your sun fix and will have time to mentally prepare yourself for what the next year can bring.

For something a little less extreme and a lot cheaper, you could try and beat your winter blues by treating yourself. You might reward yourself with a weekend spent indoors, with an unlimited supply of chocolate, company and movies. Or you could buy those new shoes you’ve been lusting after in the shops. A little pick me up can do wonders for a mood. But be sure to make it a small treat. Four shopping bags and a £500 credit card hit may seem like a bright idea at the time. But not being able to afford anything but rice for the next month is sure to send you spiralling back into your pit of winter depression.

So just remember, winter is tough on everyone. The cold weather, stress of Christmas and looming deadlines makes everything seem that little bit worse. But if you listen to the above advice you are sure to keep yourself feeling great and ready for when winter really hits.

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