The first round of Glastonbury tickets were released last night, being one of the biggest festivals around it becomes a pretty competitive task. You’re set up with five laptops around you, a land-line phone, a mobile phone and mum and dad trying on whatever devices are left. If your a novice and you don’t know about this daunting process we’ve outlined the emotions of getting festival tickets that everyone goes through at some point in their life!

The nerves: Your belly is in knots as you sit preparing your station for action. You attempt to refresh the screen even before the allocated time, just in case they are tricking you and may release them early.

The energy: You realise that being nervous is a total waste of your energy! You will need that when hitting the refresh button at 90 miles an hour.

The panic: They have been released! It is all hands on deck at this point, the desperation for these tickets is in the air. You start seeing status updates of people that have already managed to get some, HOW DO THEY DO IT?

The relief: This emotion will only come to those successful at getting hold of the precious tickets. You may also feel some smugness, give yourself a pat on the back.

The sadness: This is the emotion the losers will go through. Friends will try and console each other, reassuring yourselves that you’ll manage to get some online or try again at a later date. Don’t worry this feeling will pass, the festival won’t even be that good anyway.

(All images sourced from Tumblr)

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