Living away from home has meant that you have found your independence and taken some responsibility for yourself. You don’t need the parents to fuss over you (as much) because you have got everything under control. You’ve grown up and become an adult, but if you just want some confirmation on that, here are some signs you’ve become an adult.

1. You don’t need your mum to do the laundry any more.

2. You’ve actually got a recipe book and know how to cook.

3. Saturday nights in are the new Friday night out.

4. Splashing out on quality alcohol is becoming a regular occurrence.

5. The realisation that your metabolism is slowing down means you’ve started taking care of yourself.

6. You’ve mastered the job interview.

7. You list your other half or best friend as your emergency contact.

8. You book your own doctors or dentist appointment.

9. Alone time has become a necessity.

(All images from Tumblr)

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