Gone Girl Review by Kirsty Walkington

Gone Girl follows a man accused of murdering his wife by the fierce and relentless media. The underlying question being: Is he innocent? Is he guilty? It may sound cliché, but it’s the twists and turns that make this film so great. The plot was complex and yet, simple at the same time, with all said ‘twists and turns’ not getting tangled among one another.

The film was perfectly cast and it’s because of this, that the cinema audience was constantly engrossed in the screen and what it beheld. Ben Affleck stars in possibly his best acting performance to date, as Nick Dunne, the distressed husband in desperate search of his missing wife. His missing wife, Amy, fabulously portrayed by Rosamund Pike, was the centre of a surprising character development. One of those ‘twists and turns’! Character progression is a crucial and fascinating thing and no one seems to execute it, quite as well as the director David Fincher.

In spite of the dark, bleak and thrilling theme of Gone Girl, there were moments that proved to be laugh out loud hilarious. Perhaps because no one was expecting it, perhaps some humour needed to be shed on the situation.The balance of thrills and dark whimsy make Gone Girl a superb watch.

The film is remarkable, perhaps even Oscar worthy?

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