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Eyebrow Tool Review by Charlotte Simon

Brows are pretty darn important. They have the ability to open up and brighten your eyes, make older people look younger, slim your face or draw attention away from problem areas. This, teamed with the Cara effect, has resulted in a boom in the number of products available to shape, define and enhance.

I have been testing out four main products, with some successes, over the last six months. My eyebrows are quite short in length so require some penciling on the inside and are very dark brown. My thoughts on each are below!


I was a little sceptical of the Brow Marker partially because it was advertised as being a one-colour-fits-all solution. It looked quite red/brown on first view but dried to be a good match.

Adventum UniAcco

The precision tip allows for natural, feathered strokes and blends well with your natural colour. My preferred weapon of choice when it comes to my brows is a pencil, so I found it a little wishy-washy and not as easy to build the colour in more sparse areas.

I did encounter another problem which affected its usability. After a couple of uses the liquid didn’t appear to be coming out, after a visit to MAC they said it can stop working if it comes into contact with foundation or powders. I found this to be a problem on the inner parts of my eyebrows where I needed to add length, as I had already applied my base makeup.

As such I would recommend it more for filling in rather than creating a new shape.


Brow Zings is advertised as being the No.1 best selling brow product in the UK for the past five years, so naturally I had high expectations! It comes in a compact kit including an angled brush, blending brush & mini tweezers. The wax and powder palette is available in Light, Medium and Deep.

The instructions use a two step process; firstly you need to use the wax to shape and define brows, then use the blending brush to apply the setting powder to lock the hairs and shape in place.

I thought it to be really quick and easy to use but found the powder stuck unevenly to the wax, making them look a little patchy. Unlike a pencil the finish isn’t as precise making it more suitable for filling in gaps and enhancing already full brows. If your brows need lots of work, this product probably isn’t the one for you. Based on the price point, I’d say there are similar products that could do a similar, if not better job.


According to MAC this pencil is self-propelling, self-sharpening, brow defining and confidently adds what you need: shape, colour, density in one streamlined tool. Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?

This is my all time favourite brow product. It’s has a creamy texture, glides on smooth and is very blendable, making the whole process fast and easy. The fact that it sharpens itself means you don’t have to go through the annoying makeup bag search for a sharpener, and ensures it is always ready to use in a hurry.

It comes in six shades and is quite pricey in comparison to other pencils such as Rimmel’s Professional Eyebrow Pencil (also a great buy).

If you do decide to purchase the MAC Crayon I would offer two bits of advice, don’t twist it too much as it isn’t retractable, making it more likely to break, and don’t press to hard as it will run out super fast, a little goes a long way!


Don’t be fooled by the price, the kit is surprisingly good quality and the three shades allows you to find the perfect combination for your brows.

It comes with a clear mascara which dries quickly to set the powder in place and provides some serious staying power. The brushes are a similar shape to the ones provided in the Brow Zings kit, but I found them to stay in better condition. In addition this product seems to last the longest making it a seriously good bargain buy!

If you find that powders don’t give you the clean lines that are needed for a more defined look, team with the Rimmel brow pencil (£2.99) for outlining, a complete solution for under £7.

Charlotte is a student fashion and beauty blogger, follow her on Twitter: @FashionCarousel

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