The internet and social media is constantly evolving, much like the world of fashion. There is always the controversial pressure surrounding fashion, the pressure to look good and be able to afford a huge wardrobe. It always seems that bit far fetched and unattainable…welcome the fashion bloggers.

The fashion blogger is the girl down the road, who may well have gone to your school, the girl you can relate to just like your friends. These are real people with a realistic budget (and physique) that are managing to take the fashion and social media world by storm. Brands are taking notice of these girls; they can even win awards for their blogs! These are girls with a love for clothes who wear the current high street trends in proper sizes and still look amazing.

Here’s a little lowdown on our favourite fashion bloggers:

Tanya Burr-

Tanya is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger and YouTuber (what a mouthful) and she is totally loved by the World Wide Web. Her Instagram has 1.2 Million followers we can’t believe it hasn’t crashed. Tanya has taken the blogging/YouTubing world by storm with her friendly and fun character really shining through in her videos. She has been so successful that many shops now stock her lip-gloss and nail polish line. Tanya has been noticed by brands like Mulberry and is no longer a stranger to red carpet premieres where she keeps us updated on her red carpet looks!

The Stats:
Instagram: 1.2 Million
Twitter: 935K
2.3 Million


Patricia is most probably more familiar with YouTube than any one! Her very honest video about how she started a fashion degree but found it so boring she went into finance is proof that anyone can be a blogger!
Her YouTube is full of ‘outfit of the day’ and ‘get ready with me’ videos but also great advice videos on being a student, saving money and how to be happy! Patricia’s blog is really inspiring and her fashion sense is such a mix of tailoring and casual you are bound to find a style that suits you.

Patricia’s husband Mike sometimes makes a cameo and is actually pretty hilarious too, he doesn’t get the recognition he needs!

The Stats:
Instagram: 145K
Twitter: 29K
YouTube: 450K


Winner of a Company Blogger Award she started her blog to share her ideas and opinions around fashion. Having found reading other peoples blogs a way of chilling out in the evenings Victoria found that she loved reading product reviews and recommendations.

We can’t really mention Victoria Magrath without giving her luscious locks a shout out too! Not many girls can pull of pink or purple hair, especially to work! Being a full time fashion retail lecturer too Victoria’s blog is an integral part of her work. She is able to keep up to date and in the know with everything that is happening in fashion and beauty. Also giving her advice and expertise to the next generation means that they can carry on in her blogging footsteps.

The Stats:
Instagram: 111K
Twitter: 17.7K
YouTube: 84K


After attending The Fashion Retail Academy in London Sarah started her blog after she didn’t get into the PR career she wanted right away. She is a total shopaholic and a recent Instagram photo saw clothes piled high around her bedroom. Sarah has worked with brands like ‘In Love With Fashion’ modelling on their website and collaborating on competitions with Missguided. Being a YouTube beginner Sarah has begun vlogging her every day blogger life taking her YouTube fans with her to the exciting events she gets to attend.

The Stats
Instagram: 104K
Twitter: 4872
YouTube: 6197


After blogging for most of her adult life Laura aka Tiny Twisst (with two s’) now focuses on her fashion blog which shows us that the high street is the best! Laura knows firsthand that blogging can open many doors as she is now a fashion writer for ‘Within’ magazine. Her YouTube channel is packed with hair tutorials and shopping hauls which keeps her subscribers coming back for more.

The Stats:
Instagram: 6706
Twitter: 4168
YouTube: 15K

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