10 Signs that it’s Christmas! by Huma Mian

Tis’ the season to be jolly…almost. With the Birmingham Christmas lights already switched on and mentions of secret Santa coming about, we know its fast approaching Christmas. Here are 10 signs we know and love that shows it’s nearly the festive season.

1. It’s freezing

The most obvious way to know the holiday season is upon us is the change in weather conditions. Frosty days, dark nights and blustering winds that break your umbrella can only mean one thing- It’s winter.

2. Adverts

Holidays are coming…holidays are coming. I’m sure I am not the only one who sang that to the tune of our favourite Coca-Cola advert. With this year’s John Lewis advert leaving us in tears over Monty the Penguin and Park Life offering to help us with our Christmas budget, it’s only time before the infectious adverts consume every channel.

3. Christmas movies

It was only a week ago that The Grinch came on TV, with the comical ELF also making an appearance on our screens this week. We all know as soon as these classic Christmas movies begin to happen, it’s nearing the time to celebrate the holiday. TV programmes will start to play re-runs of its Thanksgiving and Christmas episodes in the run up to it.

4. Christmas songs

It is rare as of yet to step into a shop and hear Christmas songs playing already, but we all know someone who is bringing out last years ‘Now that’s what I call Xmas’ CD on the shelf for use in the future. Before we know it, jingle bells will be the theme tune to your life.

5. Present hints

Your friends and loved ones will begin to drop hints while shopping now, stating they would be extremely happy if you bought this rather expensive item. Bank accounts are being checked and prices are being applied to friendships to create a list of present ideas.

6. Christmas cards in the shops

Card shops have been stocked up on Christmas cards for months! You would think people would be barmy to buy cards in November, but it really does happen. Those forward thinkers who already decided what to buy you months ago will certainly have their cards picked out.

7. The wonderful Christmas jumper

Every shop now will be fully stocked with delightful Christmas jumpers that you hope your auntie won’t buy you as a gift. From Santa’s with giant musical bellies to snowmen with pinchable carrot noses, the big Christmas jumper is a huge sign that the holiday is around the corner. Men’s Christmas jumpers have become a thing of tradition and a part of the festive season!

8. German Markets

It’s nearly that time of year again! The Birmingham Christmas markets are being assembled as you read this, with our much-loved sausage stalls and beer stands. Add up your pennies to buy a number of little collectables throughout the night and get into the Christmas spirit with your friends and family.

9. Coca-Cola Truck

It’s happened. The Coca-Cola truck is beginning to appear around places, which means its time to put away your denial of autumn finishing and put your festive hats on. The loveable icon means Coca-Cola will begin their cans with jolly Santa faces on them. Makes a Coke even more satisfactory.

10. Food offers

All the local supermarkets are beginning to put out its Christmas stock. From Turkeys on offer, Buck’s Fizz, fancy cheese boards and an array of chocolates at discounted prices, it will certainly be a very merry Christmas.

Whether you choose to embrace it or stay a Grinch, there is no escaping the blinding signs that Christmas is coming!