Before I Go To Sleep Review by Sarah Kay

There’s nothing better than a good old crime thriller to get your heart racing and keep you turning the pages.  The New York Times Bestseller, Before I Go To Sleep by S.J. Watson, is one of these books which makes you want to read on!

Before I Go To Sleep is based on Christine, who due to an accident 18 years ago, believes she’s still in her mid 20s when in reality she is a 40-something woman. This is because every time she falls asleep, she loses her memories. The plot is very intriguing as it’s very unique compared to other books of the same genre and the blurb itself doesn’t really do much for the book – the story is gripping and full of mystery!

During the entire book, Christine is continuously trying to piece together her life with the help of a doctor and a journal she has created; however soon enough Christine discovers that there are differences between her journal entries, her doctor’s statements and what her husband says. The story really gets you involved by portraying Christine’s daily struggles of trying to learn about her past again and learning to live with amnesia in the present – the opening of the book was a real shocker; imagine mistaking your partner for a complete stranger!

Before I Go To Sleep is an emotional rollercoaster ride which enables you to understand and feel what Christine is going through every step of the way. The first part of the book is written in first person which enables you to get a grip of what Christine’s psychological mind frame is like whilst the second part of the book is told through Christine’s journal entries which gives more insight into Christine’s life and the people around her. This made the story more effective in becoming a chilling web of doubt, lies and betrayal.

One thing that may cause a bit of frustration is the conclusion as it simply ends with a twist which may leave you wanting more. Despite this, the story sticks in your mind even after you finish it as it puts you in the place of Christine and gives you the feelings of helplessness, self-doubt and confusion. It also makes you more aware about your surroundings and everyday life.

Overall, Before I Go To Sleep keeps you guessing throughout which adds to the suspense and builds up to the conclusion. It is an excellent read and an even greater reflection on the writer’s capabilities, especially as it was his debut novel. It will keep you up all night – but beware, some of you may end up a bit disappointed with the ending.

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